ThFic Archive for November, 2010

Rex and Whiskers in “Commercial Conundrum”


Whiskers! Where the hell have you been!? Oh sure—blame your morning routine. You take a tongue bath on the half hour and wear the same tie every day!

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War Games


Gentlemen, I think you know why I’ve called you all here today. America is going to war.

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The 1994 IMS Graduation Commencement


Good afternoon, Institute of Mad Science Graduating Class of 1994. As Introduction Man so aptly put, my name is Dr. Albert W. Wily, 1965 IMS Alumnus from the doctoral school of Themed Henching.

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Hoth: 1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent


At Tauntaun Heights, you’ll find the reptomammal carcass that’s right for you! Outer Rim Realty is now leasing over twenty freshly opened tauntaun apartments on beautiful Ice Planet Hoth, the gem of the Ivax Nebula.

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The Life and Times of Mr. DNA


July 16, 1993

Well gosh! I was in that amber prison just shy of twenty million years, and quicker than you can say “deoxyribonucleic acid”, I’m free again! Figure I’d start this little journal to keep track of everything goin’ on.

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