ThFic Archive for April, 2011

We Built This City on Wheat and Stone


“My fellow players, our great nation is on the verge of economic collapse. The spending habits we’ve grown used to are becoming unsustainable. We can no longer place our hopes in a rolled four. We need grain now.”

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Chagrin in the Bin


“Psst! Hey, Résumé, do you hear that?”

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Super Star Annoyer


“Where is that shuttle going?”

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One Thousand and One Suburbian Nights


“Hey, Billy, check out what I found in the park!”

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Turtles in Thyme


“Good evening and welcome to Soufflé on the Bronx. My name is Evan and I’ll be your server tonight. Could I start you out with an Ecto Cooler Mojito or a Hunts’ Bloody Mary?”

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