ThFic Archive for May, 2011

The Scruffies Award Ceremony


May I have everyone’s attention please? Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of the American Bearded Guild and the Scruffies Nomination Committee, it is my honor to announce that the judges have tallied the votes. We will now present the evening’s awards.

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It’s a Wet, Wet, Wet, Wet World


Are you tired of those lame agency vacation getaways that never live up to their promises? Sick of being crowded onto planes and cruise lines with unwashed masses of obnoxious tourists? Fed up with spending half your trip waiting in infinite line-ups? Then put an end to it all and become a part of the beautiful Post-Apocalyptic Floating Commune!

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Sea Whirled



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64 Killed Mario All-Stars


I played you on Nintendo back in ’93
Staying up late intent on finishing my spree
Because of you I was a high school absentee

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Extreme Makeover: Fortress Edition


“Come on, kid! Keep up! We got a lot of rooms to see yet, and I gotta make rounds soon.”

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