ThFic Archive for June, 2011

Judi Dench (Sung to Monkey Wrench)


Beamers, Jags, and Escalades
Your Rolex tells time, it also shoots grenades
As your boss I must object
To all the things blown up and apparatus wrecked

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Pompeii and Circumstance


“Neptune, God of the Sea, what’s your entry into the Mythological Science Fair?”

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Hack-up Hook-up


“And here’s where the chick counselors sleep.”

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Thanks for the Therapy, Stupid!


“Alright, everyone, I think we’ll go ahead and begin. Just a reminder—FYI—what we’re doing today is not an intervention. Okay? This is a mutual get-together, so that means no one person is at fault. Don’t roll your eyes, Mr. Jackal. We are going to try to peacefully reconcile some differences here, okay? This is what I like to call an ‘Inter-Session’.”

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Five Finger Discount


“Everybody down on the ground, hands where we can see them!”

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