ThFic Archive for July, 2011

Film Noir et Blanc


This city consumes people. Fortunes lost, friends abandoned, hearts broken. I’ve seen it a million times. Starry-eyed kids and hardened veterans alike are brought to their knees here. Though not before going through hell and back. Sometimes they’re not even lucky enough to get back. In a town like this, who can tell the difference?

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The People vs. William Wonka


Thank you, your honor.

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Crete Fighter II



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Production Company of the Apes


Okay, well, welcome back, everybody. I hope we all had a nice weekend. Chuckles, did you and the missus go on that banana tasting tour you were talking about?

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Keystone Plight


As President of Research and Development at Hide-A-Key Enterprises, let me just say how proud I am to work alongside such innovative minds. Thieves and crooks may be two steps ahead of the Pentagon’s firewalls, but they’ve got nothing on good old-fashioned key concealment.

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