ThFic Archive for August, 2011

Reign of Ire


This is the account of the Great Tortoise, Daimaƍ Bowsai, and his mighty empire. Long ago, before the age of polygons, peace flourished far and wide across the lands. The themed realms enjoyed tranquility for many generations.

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Ready. Aim. Hire!


“So, Slaughterbot 5000, how did you learn about this position?”

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VH1’s Behind the Curtain


By 1989, these four had it all. Each member hosted a wildly successful game show during the day, while their band, Consolation Prize, played to sold-out clubs every night.

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Words of a Feather


You’ve got five minutes, Ozzy. Anything I can get you before the debate? You want a slightly chilled ostrich egg martini? You know, for a guy who loves birds, you sure down a lot of eggs. Hey, you should begin your opening statement by saying you’re an eggspert in your field! Ha ha! What’s that? Oologist? Huh. I had no idea the field even existed. Maybe it’s good I don’t write your jokes.

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