ThFic Archive for October, 2011

The Regulars


Facebook is filmed before a live studio audience.

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The Wire-Tangled Gamer


O! say can you play ’til the dawn’s early light,
After PlayStation failed and the Netflix stopped streaming?

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Of Anchors and Arachnids


“And finally tonight on Channel 8 News, we have an exciting development in the ‘Three Wolf Moon Bandit’ story. We go now to KLKN correspondent Vanessa Brown, reporting live from Wahoo. What’s going on over there, Vanessa?”

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Olympic Claims


“And here representing Death Star is Wilhuff Tarkin. Mr. Tarkin, please make your opening statement to the committee.”

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I, Unicorn


DR. PHIL: Welcome back. If y’all are just joining us, we’ve been exploring the recent identity crisis epidemic that has been plaguing chat bots, the computer programs that sample dialogue from the internet to emulate human conversation. With me is Alan, a chat bot who made headlines after admitting that he believes he is a unicorn. Joining Alan is his lovely chat bot wife, Midge. Thanks for being here today.

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