ThFic Archive for January, 2012

A Link to Androgyny


DR. PHIL: Welcome back. If ya’ll are just joining us, we’ve been talking to a very brave little girl and her struggle with prepubescent gender crisis. Her name is Zelda and she is the princess of a land called Hyrule. Did I pronounce that right, Zelda?

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Inglorious Babysitters


Read Part I of the David Bowie: Chronological Vigilante series, “Under Prussia“.

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Rainbows Keep Fallin’ On My Treads


“Okay, Murray! Let’s bring in the speed-boost panels. Nice and easy now.”

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We Didn’t Part the Shire


Grey Pilgrim comes to see.
Baggins’ hundred-eleventy.
Firecrackers, Old Toby, Gaffer’s home brew.

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