ThFic Archive for February, 2012

Reality Guy


“Hey, Todd! Over here!”

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Scythe of Relief


Hey, bub. I see you out there groomin’ your lawn. And I see that sorry excuse for a hedge trimmer you probably paid an arm and a leg for. Pal, you might as well be usin’ a spork to cut a porterhouse.

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Citation Heeded


“Jimmy, stop it.”

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Clear and Present Denture


Good evening and welcome to the sixth annual Jack Palance Awards! Get ready for a star-studded evening of no-nonsense entertainment as we look back on the lives and careers of some of Hollywood’s most grizzled and world-weary actors!

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12 Hotkeys


“All right, Mr. Goines. We’ve purchased your domain name and set you up with a great hosting provider. As of today, is up and running.”

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