ThFic Archive for May, 2012

Ghost Adjusters


You’ve reached the office of Dr. Gerald Simmons, P.H.D. in Reconstructive Ectoplasty. I am currently out of the office. Please leave your earth-bound name and position in this mortal coil after the beep and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you and have a transcendent day.

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Rag Time


It’s time for the adventures of Reporter Man! By night, a simple superpowered champion for good. By day (and sometimes weekends), he transforms into the unstoppable Reporter Man. Faster than a speeding bulletin, more powerful than a four o’clock deadline, able to transcribe entire interviews in a single sitting! It’s a columnist… it’s a correspondent… it’s Reporter Man!

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Vicious Cycle


Good afternoon, madam. Welcome to Hitogoroshi Power Sports. Can I help you find something today?

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Good Morning Gondwana


“Hey hey! It’s Rowdy Rod in the morning, and you’re listening to D24.5. Let’s shoot on over to our Palaeosaurus in the field, Will ‘Whiplash’ Hartigan, reporting live from the Little Foot Watering Hole. What’s going on out there, Will?”

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American Homicidal


Tonight, on a very special episode of Undercover Superhero…

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