ThFic Archive for June, 2012

Romancing the Stone


“Look, Omar. I really don’t care what you were told. We just don’t have the budget for all this.”

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License to Distill


Hello there, folks. My name is David and I will be your guide today. If anyone needs a phonics converter, there are some by the information booth. If you’re visiting from off-world you’ll probably want one because, as a friend of mine likes to say, I only speak two languages: English and bad English. Okay, so has anyone toured the Mondoshawan Brewery before?

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Cash for Claws


We go now to world headlines with gripping newsreel footage chronicling the struggle for mutant supremacy. Homo sapiens supporter Charles Francis Xavier snubs the olive branch of peace offered in New York City by venerated freedom fighter Maximilian Eisenhardt. It’s mutant against mutant as lines are drawn and struggles ensue over strategic holdings.

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Rapport Shock


Quick Response Code’s journal, October 17th, 2010. 1:23 PM.

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