ThFic Archive for September, 2012

Super Laser Fundraiser


The following message is a paid advertisement for Life Sphereâ„¢

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A Flight of Fire (in Haiku)


One valley is lost,
yet nine find sanctuary.
Patience pays full price.

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Kong of Late Night


“Welcome back. My next guest is from a tropical island populated by giant monsters. He has been the inspiration for countless films and video games. His new autobiography, ‘Places to Climb, People to Eat’ hits bookstores next month. Please welcome King Kong!”

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Tomorrow Never Flies


Field agent briefing device activated. Please stand by for further instructions. This message will not be repeated.

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Troubleshoot Flute


“Thank you for calling the Kakariko Bazaar customer hotline. My name is Guru-Guru. Would you like to hear about our new and improved Deku Nuts?”

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