ThFic Archive for October, 2012

Reticent Evil


“Hello again, Mr. Hero of Time. And how are we feeling today?”

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Continental Breakfast


“Mornin’, boys. Welcome to The Delighted Plates of America, home of the Red Roosevelvet Cake. My name’s Joanna and I’ll be takin’ care of you today. Y’all need a few more minutes to look over our 27 A-menu-ments?”

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Wise Guise


“Okay, Vinnie! Back ‘er up! Hey, buddy. Got some hospital stuff for ya. Where you want it?”

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Bavaria’s Secret


Hello, can I have your attention please? Can everybody hear me in the back?

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The Moment of Tooth


“Good evening, and welcome to American Heartbeat. I’m Greta Van Susteren. Joining me tonight is local zoologist James Michael. Nicknamed ‘The Survivor’, James has now been attacked six separate times by various species of tigers at Central Park Zoo. Welcome again, James.”

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