ThFic Archive for November, 2012

Ultimate Kitten Tease


“So nice day, huh Bootsy?”

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Nicki Minaj’s “Super Base”


This one is for the Moffs in the solar system
Flag ship, lightspeed with the coolant system
When they come up into range, they be blazin’ up
Got a Sith on deck so they bravin’ up

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The Devil is in the Retails


Oh thank god, a human being! You guys had me on hold for over an hour. So yes hello, Darla. My internet is down and I need it up before all the deals are over.

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Super Rosary Brothers


Player One is my operator; I shall not demo.

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Fold-Hearted Killer


“Alright. Up next, we have the deadly and mysterious Shino Kami. Please step forward into the light.”

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