ThFic Archive for November, 2012

Mallowed Be Thy Name


“And finally tonight, New York City once again avoids complete annihilation. We go live to Lisa Bordeaux on the scene. Lisa?”

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The Short Arm of the Claw


What is up with people today, man? I mean, seriously. It’s like they think they know me all of a sudden. Yeah I’m a Tyrannosaurus rex, for lack of a better genus. It’s not like it’s a big deal though.

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Indecision 1800


“Good day, gentle sirs, and welcome to the Democratic-Republican Ticket Presidential Debates. I am Former Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton and I will be your impartial mediator for the evening. To my left is statesman, family man, and American visionary Thomas Jefferson.”

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Daily Double Entendre


“Welcome back to Jeopardy Greek Week. McChugs is currently in the lead with $200. If you would make your selection.”

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