Well hello there! This is Ol’ Scorpi for Ol’ Scorpi’s Toasty Barbecue Shack invitin’ you to k’mon down and try Earthrealm’s best new rib joint.

Our ribs are fresh from Goro’s Lair, and served with your choice of Mild, Kajun, or Blazin’ Neatherrealm Hot Sauce. You want sides? We got ’em! Try our baked potaters, korn on the kob, and homestyle koleslaw. And be sure to leave room for ice kream!

“Ol’ Scorpi’s has so much food to chose from, everyone in my family can find something to enjoy!” – Sonya Blade

“No Shaolin monk can keep fasting with ribs like this nearby!” – Liu Kang

“I would literally rip the heart out of my enemies for some of Ol’ Scorpi’s barbecue. Literally.” – Kano

Remember, kids eat free on Tuesdays. And sign up for our Kombo Kard— ten punches will getcha a free appetizer!

All your favorite kharacters eat at Ol’ Scorpi’s, so what’re ya waitin’ for? Get on over here to Ol’ Scorpi’s Toasty Barbecue Shack today!

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