“You wanted to see me, Dad?”

“Come on in here, son. I’ve got something to show you.”

“What the heck is that thing? Some kind of battery charger?”

“This is what they used to call a ‘Super Nintendo’. Pretty neat, huh?”

“Doesn’t look very super. Where’s the game go?”

“It’s in already. See? It goes in the top here.”

“That’s a game? Looks more like a tombstone.”

“You laugh now. But are you ready to play a real video game? Let’s see how good you really are, kiddo.”

“Well okay. But where’s the sensor bar?”

“Back in my day, video games didn’t have sensor bars. We used these.”

“Oh hey, I know what that is. It’s kind of like my Wii classic controller.”

“That’s right. In fact, your Wii classic controller was based off this controller here.”

“Huh. And this console came before the Gamecube?”

“You’re thinking of the Nintendo 64. This came before even that.”

“Nintendo 64? What, was that the year it came out?”

“Yeah, yeah. Real funny.”

“Huh? What’s funny?”

“Now tell me, what is the oldest Mario game you can think of?”

“I dunno. Maybe that crappy Mario Sunshine game from way back in the day.”

“Ha! Well, depending on who you talk to, there were actually somewhere between fifteen and thirty Mario titles before that. Pretty mind-boggling, huh?”

“Really? Which one is this?”

“This, my boy, is the Super Mario All-Stars Plus Super Mario World deluxe cartridge!”

“Were all game titles that long?”

“Oh no. You see, this collection is the crowning achievement of a decade of great Mario titles. It includes the first four official American platform releases plus the version of Mario 2 released only in Japan. In 1991, this was the most technically advanced piece of electronic entertainment on the planet. To this day, it still demands outrageous prices online. And now, son, I give it to you. Go ahead, turn it on.”

“Huh. So this is what Mario looked like before 3D?”

“Yeah, they really jazzed up the graphics for this version.”

“Hold on. There were games that looked worse than this?!”

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