“I dare you to go inside.”

“And do what? Ask to see the peace lilies?”

“Why not? If you’re so sure then ask them a question. Something only a botanist would know.”

“And if they don’t know the answer what’s that going to prove? I doubt the guy behind the counter is the actual owner.”

“But that’s just my point— there is no owner!”

“For the last time, that flower shop is not a front for the mob!”

“Then how do you explain what I saw? A short guy in blue goes in, a tall guy in white comes out. Something’s going on in there, I know it. Just go in and ask to use the bathroom. Twenty bucks says they don’t even have one.”

“Why would a floral store even have a public restroom? It’s not like a gas station or a bank.”

“Okay fine. Ask them where their merchandise comes from. Like, what greenhouse or whatever.”

“And what if by some crazy coincidence you’re actually right? They’d think I was snooping around and blow me away. Are you trying to get me killed?”

Aha! So you agree there’s a possibility!”

“No! I just… you know what? I will go in. You’re going to feel like an idiot when I come back with a comically oversized corsage for you to wear home.”

“You’re dreamin’, pal.”

Two minutes later…

“Well? Did they have a bathroom?”

“They had pipes. Lots of chests too.”

“So what happened in there?”

“A mushroom in a vest asked me to play a memory card game. I won a frog.”

“I knew it! It is a gambling racket! I was totally… wait, what did you say?”

¶ Little Shop of Piranhas at BustedTees