Current Trends in Unnecessary Redundancies

Written by: Clyde Dale Clydesdale
Instructing Teacher Mrs. Palmer
Fourth Period Eighth Grade English Language Studies Class
Hilly Mount Junior High Middle School

The ultimate goal of this essay paper is to spell out in detail the serious dangers of old and overused clichés in written literature, as well as in oral conversation. The number-one leader of flawed mistakes is an over abundance of extraneous redundancy.

According to knowledgeable experts, the consensus of opinion is that overly-used repetition still persists with native inhabitants of America and is anything but a passing fad. The basic fundamentals of spoken language and our modern lingo of today are very much separated apart from each other.

The true fact of the matter is that oxymoronically-excessive language is a crisis situation among young adolescents. But there is an alternate choice: what I fondly like to label as the Triangle of Three C’s.

Unless the collective population makes a joint collaboration to 1.) cooperate together, 2.) collaborate together, and 3.) communicate back and forth together, the final ultimatum of our mutual cooperation as a civilized society will be to completely annihilate the spoken word.

I fear we are in close proximity to skipping over the careful scrutiny our society culture requires to advance forward. As a former graduate of primary elementary school and based upon my past experience, grammar linguistics must be allowed to evolve over time, not revert back to the exact same patterns.

Instead, let us proceed ahead and move toward a new beginning. Let us pursue after future plans of integrating together a mutual cooperation with English language. Hopefully, this essay paper will serve as an advance warning to local residents to look back in retrospect on the actual facts of what was originally created in spoken language.

So give an affirmative yes to novel originality in your conversational talking. Otherwise, communicating through speech will be like trying to get cash money from an ATM machine without a PIN number!

Redundancy at BustedTees