“Mornin’, Lou. Wow, the cleanup crew sure patched things up fast.”

“What’s that?”

“You know, in front of Penny’s? You can’t even tell there was an explosion.”

“Mall cops shouldn’t joke about explosions, Jimmy. And what the heck is a Penny’s?”

“That huge department store in the south wing, duh.”

“I don’t see any store with that name on the mall directory. You talking about Higbee’s?”

“Lemme see that… Huh. It is a Higbee’s. And since when are we called Lone Pine Mall?”

“You’re not making any sense, Jimmy.”

“Didn’t you watch the news last night, Lou?”

“Yup. Hill Valley High’s oh and four this season.”

“So you don’t remember anything about some local scientist guy getting shot in our parking lot?”


“Aw come on! There was this whole live broadcast about Libyan terrorists with bazookas and flaming tire marks. Also, I think there was something about stolen plutonium…”

“Who the heck would bother stealing something as useless as plutonium? Next you’ll be saying cars still run on gasoline.”

“Wait a minute. Let me see your paper.”

“Here you go. Something the matter?”

“Hmm. It’s still 1985. Good, that hasn’t changed. What the…!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Just look at these headlines, Lou! U.S. takes the gold in the Electric Guitar Olympics, New Pepsi changes back to Pepsi Classic, Huey Lewis gets sworn in for his second term… wait, Huey Lewis is the president!?”

“Yeah, I know. I voted for Chuck Berry.”

“Good god! Somehow history got changed overnight and I got left behind! This is like something out of Star Wars!”

“Star what?”

Star Wars. You know, with Darth Vader?”

“Oh, you must mean that new George McFly novel. I heard it’s pretty retro.”

“Oh man. This is so heavy.”

“Hey are you feeling alright, Jimmy? You look a little… transparent.”

ΒΆ Lone Pine Mall at BustedTees