“Remarkable… just remarkable.”

“As far as we know, Doctor, it’s the world’s first complete skeleton of liguriosaurus.”

“Isn’t it breathtaking? Look! There’s the impact indent on the skull— just as I theorized!”

“Huh. I’ve never seen anything like that from the Sixteenbitassic Period.”

“It’s how the creature’s defense mechanism was triggered. Any blunt trauma to the head caused an involuntary tongue reflex that was quite deadly.”

“Well from the look of it, our fossilized friend here wasn’t a big thinker.”

“Quite the opposite, really. This particular genus actually developed an inverse skull as part of its evolution. What looks to be an enlarged sinus cavity is actually where the brain is housed.”

“Huh. So I take it, as far as dinosaurs go, this species was pretty intelligent?”

“Oh, heavens no! A brain that far removed from the spine wasn’t good for much beyond olfactory and taste sensation. I’d wager the liguriosaurus busied himself mostly with thoughts of food punctuated by the occasional whistling honk. But your discovery does lend credibility to another of my more wilder theories…”

“Which is?”

“Hmm. It may be too soon to say. Where did you say you found this?”

“Our marine biologists uncovered it on the bottom of Soda Lake.”

“Indeed? Liguriosaurus shows no indication of being particularly aquatic in nature. Which specific area of Soda Lake did you find it?”

“Just beneath Butter Bridge, oddly enough. Almost as if it were—”

“Driven off by a mounted rider?”

“You… you can’t be serious, Doctor!”

“Oh, but I am. The saddle-like protrusion at the slope of the spine, the stunted legs and load-bearing capabilities of the joints. I’d say I finally have enough evidence to prove the liguriosaurus had a hand in early Man’s development.”

“But how do you explain where we found it? There were no human remains near where it fell.”

“Fell? Or perhaps thrown?”

“What are you implying?”

“It seems we may have stumbled upon evidence of history’s first vehicular homicide… where the vehicle and the victim are the same creature! Also, this could prove homo sapiens were excellent jumpers.”

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