Thank you fer callin’ Planet Express Cust’mer Service. How may Scruffy be of assistance?

Mmm hmm. Mmm hmm. Alright then, what’s yer order number? Slow down now, let Scruffy get his pen. Okay, go ahead. Eight. Got it. Scruffy’s gonna access the Master Rolodex. One moment please.

Now Scruffy’s gonna verify yer identity, what fer yer protection ‘n all. What’s the last four digits of yer social security number? Mmm hmm. And what is yer current mailin’ address? Mmm hmm. And what is yer personal o-pinion of the fur industry? Alright, Mr. Barker. Now, what seems to be the problem?

Mmm hmm. And yeh’re sure it were the ro-but what done it? Mmm hmm. He told you to bite what? Yessir, that sounds like him all right. Scruffy can assure you, our valued Planet Express customer, that disciplinary measures will be admin’stered in the utmost seriousness if ‘n when he returns.

Now, what were the cargo that were stolen and/or what gone missin’? Mmm hmm. And what was this here giant atom worth, would yeh say? Two hunert thousand? Says here yer cargo were only insured fer fifty. No, no. Not fifty thousand. Just fifty dollars. Mmm hmm. Yer gonna have to talk to Claims about that, Mr. Barker. Scruffy’ll transfer you now. Please hold.

Here I am, baby. Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours. Ow!

Thank you fer holdin’. This is Planet Express Claims ‘n Grievances, Scruffy speaking. How may Scruffy be of assistance? Mmm hmm. Scruffy’s manager is unavailable at the moment. Just got in his pajamas. Mmm hmm. Where’d you want Scruffy to stick that? Mmm hmm.

Well, you’ll need to talk to Cust’mer Service and fill out a survey card. You say you want Scruffy to transfer you? Sorry. I’m on break. Please hold.

Planet Express at BustedTees