Alright quiet down, guys. Can everybody hear me? Nice. Oh, and you guys in the back? Could you scooch up a bit? It’s cool, nobody’s going to mess with your cubbies.

Okay, so welcome back everyone. Just a couple announcements before we get started. First, I wanted to recognize Walter for a great first fight last night. Let’s go ahead and give him a hand. I’m sure if he could hear us from his hospital room, he’d feel real good about himself.

Just be sure to keep Walter’s feelings in mind when he gets out next week. I know his face got pretty messed up. Keep comments positive, okay? We want his self-destructive rebirthing experience to be a good one.

Next, there’s been a change with the “homework” that was assigned. Apparently, raising funds for an anarchist eco-terrorist organization isn’t considered a public service. So unfortunately, we weren’t able to get permission from the city to use the park. As of now, the bake sale is going to be held across the street in the Glendale Mall food court.

I know that’s kind of contradictory to what we’re all about. But hey, when life gives you lemons, make lemon squares. Am I right? And remember, all proceeds will go towards our nitroglycerin and sodium nitrate fund so I want to see all the stops pulled out on the quality of these desserts, fellas.

Oh and before I forget, I’d like to welcome a very special guest tonight. Lou, can you give a wave? Alright guys, this is Lou. That’s right, the guy from the sign outside. He’s been nice enough to let us meet down here these past few months and decided to finally check out what we’re all about.

Seeing as he’s already kind of had his first fight, I’ve agreed to let him watch tonight. So please, don’t pick fights with Lou right now. He’ll fight when he’s ready. Besides, I know from personal experience how hard the guy hits. Am I right, Lou?

Alright, I think that’s about it. If everybody’s already lost their shirts and shoes, let’s circle up and say a quick prayer before we start.

ΒΆ Fight Club at BustedTees