“Very well. If in favor of larger padawan training facilities you are, speak ‘aye’.”


“Opposed are there any? So be it. The roller rink on level eight no more shall be. A beginners lightsaber gym in its place shall be. Now that that’s settled, any new business have we?”

“I have something, Master Yoda.”

“Qui-Gon? Something to say have you?”

“I do. As the ways of the Force are an accepted religion in hundreds of star systems, I propose the idea of a Jedi uniform to distinguish our ranks among the denizens of the worlds we serve.”

“Hrm. A more recognizable sigil than a lightsaber need you?”

“This is just a suggestion, of course. But I know of a remote desert planet on the Outer Rim known as Tatooine. There, leaders and common folk alike don simple yet elegant robes. I think this humble attire would serve us well.”

“Robes say you? A novel idea this is. Thought to wear robes never before anyone has. Gifted in the arts of foresight you are, Qui-Gon.”

“Thank you, Master Yoda.”

“Sarcastic I was being.”


“Been to a single Senate hearing have you? Been outside have you ever? On all of Coruscant, one person not wearing robes show me!”

“But Tatooine robes are brown, Master Yoda. No one else on Coruscant wears brown. Plus, they have hoods.”

“A desert planet you say this Tatooine is? Tell me, any sand on this sprawling metropolis planet is there?”

“Well, no. But—”

“Any other desert world in the solar system is there?”

“Not exactly—”

“Then wearing the traditional garb of a moisture farmer I can see no reason for.”

“Did I mention they have hoods?”

“If no other interruptions there are, proceed to the next order of business we shall. The floor Apprentice Kenobi has.”

“Thank you Master Yoda. I’d just like to bring to everyone’s attention that we currently train the younglings in the ways of the Force with expensive blast helmets and remote droids when there are such a thing as blindfolds and rocks.”

Obi-Wan at BustedTees