Dear Mr. Barnes,

Thank you for taking the time to voice your political concerns. It has been a tremendous honor governing the great state of Montana these past few months and I relish the chance to cater to its fine citizens.

Your apprehension regarding the fate of our nation’s second amendment is well justified. This is a time of turmoil for our country and certain unalienable rights are being brought under scrutiny, perhaps even to the point of becoming threatened. But rest assured, these issues are close to my heart and your voice will not go unheard.

I believe, just as you do, that no American has the right to bear arms. I’d go so far as to say the right to bear arms is a dangerously outdated and radical idea in this day and age. The fact that firearms are involved is bad enough. But the poaching and mutilation of our nation’s bear population is simply unacceptable.

My gubernatorial predecessors have all attempted to pass laws in the past prohibiting the killing of black bears but have each confessed to exercising their “right” to bear arms themselves! I don’t understand how they think a bear can survive without its arms. I can picture the poor creatures now; attempting to catch fish in Montana’s beautiful rivers and streams only to drown face-first in the currents for their trouble. I tell you, it just isn’t right!

That is why on March 30th, I plan to send a message to Washington and veto the Second Amendment Protection Bill (HB302). I’ve even drafted a counter proposal for funding towards “bear farms” to try and shore up their numbers like we did with the buffalo. With the support of responsible voters such as yourself, perhaps we can one day bring an end to over two hundred years of oppression against the noble bear.

Thank you again for your concern. I look forward to continue leading Montana toward innovation in animal rights for many years to come.


Governor Steve Bullock

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