Sam Elliott here. Let me tell you about America.

America was built on a strong foundation. Solid as a rock.

But we don’t like to stay put. This is a country that gets around.

Always advancing, we strive to get higher even as we move faster.

Red. White. And blue. These colors don’t run— they climb.

Stair Car: American-built, American-driven.

You want style? It’s hard not to get noticed in Stair Car. J.D. Power and Associates has ranked Stair Car “Most Visible Automobile” four years in a row.

You want height? No need to climb the corporate ladder when you’ve got stairs on your side. Drive Stair Car to work, and let eighteen stainless steel steps show ’em who’s boss.

You want power? Nothing’s more powerful than two tons of metal going down a hill. This ride packs a punch that makes every corner an adventure.

You want hop-ons? Oh yeah. You’ll get some hop-ons.

Stair Car. Man up and drive one today.

Stair Car at BustedTees