The 1986 E.V.I.L (Evaluation of Villainy Inherent in Libertines) Assessment

This test is designed to reveal your skills as a potential evildoer. Keep in mind there are no right or wrong answers. Just have fun and answer the following questions to the best of your ability!

1. As a leader, I most enjoy…

a) setting goals
b) delegating work to underlings
c) having fun at my job
d) subjugating weaker life-forms

2. To me, the most important duty of an evildoer is…

a) orchestrating plans from behind the scenes
b) enveloping lands in darkness
c) wanton destruction of all that stands in defiance
d) inconveniencing people

3. I feel I am most skilled at…

a) using my intellect to overcome problems
b) shrugging off massive amounts of damage
c) aligning myself with dark powers
d) laughing at others’ pain and suffering

4. I think the best way in which to combat a protagonist is through…

a) waves upon waves of minions
b) physical confrontation
c) elaborate traps, obstacles, and architecture
d) abducting their loved ones

5. When it comes down to it, boss fights should…

a) be separated into three parts, each granting the villain a more powerful form
b) force protagonists to employ every skill and special item they have acquired
c) take place in as hazardous an environment as possible
d) all of the above

6. Circle any of the following that match your personal motivations for anti-heroism.

  • Lust for power (economic/political/magical/etc.)
  • Revenge/personal vendetta
  • Misguided affection towards one or more protagonists
  • Insanity
  • Ancient curse
  • Heightened brain function
  • Lack of brain function
  • Traumatic event/troubled childhood
  • General grumpiness
  • I can no longer recall my motivations and my acts of villainy have become purely habitual.

7. On the blank pages provided, list five despicable acts that are within your grasp to accomplish. Be sure to detail how each phase of the project will be executed and remember to write each evil plan in the form of a fevered monologue. Good luck!

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