July 16, 1993

Well gosh! I was in that amber prison just shy of twenty million years, and quicker than you can say “deoxyribonucleic acid”, I’m free again! Figure I’d start this little journal to keep track of everything goin’ on.

First they sucked me outa that skeeter that ate me up all them years ago, then shot me straight into a test tube. I went from bein’ slurped from a dina-sawr into a skeeter to bein’ slurped from a skeeter back into a dina-sawr! Least that’s what I hear they got planned for me. Yessir, history sure does like repeatin’ itself.

July 31, 1993

I tell ya, these folks ’round here only got one thing on their minds. It’s all “dina-sawr this” and “dina-sawr that”. Doc Hammond’s a right nice fella, but I get a bad feeling from the chubby one in the Hawaiian shirt. Today he was staring at me with the devil in his eye! Whatever he’s got planned won’t end well, mark my words.

August 3, 1993

Today I was gettin’ looked at under a microscope when some crazy Australian busted into the lab. He was yellin’ something fierce at Doc Hammond, something about the perimitah and the dina-sawrs being too smart. First person I ever heard of who doesn’t like dina-sawrs. But I’ll wager he warms up to them in the end.

August 8, 1993

Visitors today! A suit man, some folks wearing neckerchiefs, some kids, and a greasy fella with sunglasses. A smart one, to be sure, but I don’t know how everyone puts up with his awkward pauses. Doc showed ’em the eggs I was working on for the last few weeks. Even got to see ’em hatching! They were all powerful excited. The neckerchief man looked so happy to hold the lil’ dina-sawr! I gotta feeling that good things are coming my way!

August 10, 1993

How in tarnation did I get here? One minute I’m safe in the lab, the next I’m swimmin’ in mud! Is this a shaving cream can? There’s a jeep over by the road and bloody scraps of Hawaiian shirt scattered everywhere. No scientists, no Doc Hammond. Seems that I’m the only one left on this dad-blasted island! How am I ever s’posed to turn into a dina-sawr now?

Well, shoot. I can’t just sit here in the mud feeling sorry for myself. Guess I’ll start my new life over by that swamp. Maybe I can make friends with some frogs! You know what they say: “Life finds a way!”

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