Facebook is filmed before a live studio audience.

Norm Peterson has signed on.

“Afternoon everybody.”


“Get me a cold one, Diane. It has been a long day.”

“What’s the matter, Norman?”

“Vera kicked me out of the house. She thinks I’m spending too much time at the bar.”

“When your wife is upset at you for coming to the bar too often, your response is to come to the bar to complain about it? Don’t you think that sort of behavior is hurting the status of your relationship?”

“My relationship status? It’s complicated.”

[audience laughter]

“Y’know, Normy, a recent study showed that one in five divorces is caused by Facebook. You really ought to think about reaching out to her. You don’t want to become just another statistic.”

“The only statistic I care about is that one in five empty beer mugs is caused by me.”

[audience laughter]

“No, Norm, I think Cliff is right. You should try to connect with Vera to show her you care.”

“What do you suggest, Sam? A wall post? A message? Liking her status?”

“I usually just go with a poke.”

[audience laughter]

Woody Boyd has signed on.

“Hey everybody, I’m finally here! I can connect with all my friends, share my favorite music— this place is great!”

“So you finally decided to join Facebook, huh Woody?”

“Facebook? I thought this was MySpace!”

Woody Boyd has signed off.

[audience laughter]

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got…

Facebook: Where Everybody Knows Your Name at BustedTees