[intense bass ambiance]

He was the best at what he did…

“They still tell stories about you down at the depository, Mr. Shelfer.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet they do.”

“They say you beat the DDS every time during speed simulations.”

“Heh.” [lights cigarette] “You’re okay in my book, kid.”

…and well-respected among colleagues…

“Damn it Jack, it’s gonna be hard to see you go after thirty years.”

“Just as well. This business ain’t what it used to be.”

“No computer could ever replace what you do, Jack.”

“Well…” [lights cigarette] “At least we’re on the same page.”

…but this summer…

“You’re the great Jack Shelfer? I thought you’d be taller.”

“Never judge the cover, pal.”

…vengeance is overdue…

“I’ve got a message for you from the Library of Congress.”

“Cut to the chase. I’m not one for run-on sentences.”

…and has outstanding late fees.

“They say you’re to be… archived.”

“Friend…” [lights cigarette] “You just took the words right outta my mouth”


[heavy metal riff]

Oscar award winner Javier Bardem…

“I’m sorry to say, Mr. Shelfer, that this is where your story ends.”

…and Oscar-nominated actor, Mickey Rourke…

“Read my lips, creep. You’re the one hittin’ the books tonight.”

…in “The Die-brarian III: Silence of the Damned”.

“No, please! Have mercy!”

“Grow a spine, you soft-covered son of a—”

[gun blast]

This summer, silence is golden.

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