“Roll call! Sound off! Holy Ghost!”



“You can see me, Dad. I’ve been sitting on your right side for centuries.”


[sigh] “Here.”

“And Father—here. Another perfect three-in-one attendance! Keep it up, fellas, and we’ll have a pizza party at the end of the next millennium. All right, enough chit-chat. Let’s hear the minutes from last week, Ghost.”

“Last week we unanimously voted to send a child back from the brink of death. But not before yours truly showed him around, introduced him to some relatives he’d never met and had a Q and A session with the Son. By the way, how’d that go, JC?”

“Fine, I suppose.”

“Then we gave him the whole spiel about how we’re always watching over him and he woke up to a successful appendectomy. Pretty cut and dry.”

“And what are the current developments on that project, Ghost?”

“So far the kid’s been working the daytime circuit, the book is number one on the New York Times bestseller list with 200,000 copies in print and there’s talk of a movie in the works. All in all, one of the most bona fide miracles so far this century.”

“Excellent work, team! This could shape up to be bigger than Left Behind! …Is something the matter, Son? You’ve been awfully quiet lately.”

“Yes, Dad. Something is the matter. For the last few hundred years we’ve been blurring the line between divine intervention and urban legend. Weeping statues and stories about footprints in sand are becoming staples of pop culture. We might as well measure the effectiveness of miracles based on Facebook Likes.”

“Hey come on, JC. Your dad’s just trying to keep up with the times.”

“What words have you inspired lately, Ghost? Words in novels, feature films, platinum albums—all mediums men exploit to build up earthly treasure. Miracles are about changing hearts, guys, not pulling their strings.”

“Hey! That’s good, JC! Maybe Toby Keith could use that!”

“Pipe down, Ghost. Look Son, I get where you’re coming from. I don’t like people using miracles for financial gain any more than you do. But it’s crazy down there these days. People need to be reminded we’re still here.”

“What ever happened to trusting people to see me in others? Or seeing you in creation, Dad? People are always going to find ways to make a buck off of us. But we can do better than slapping my face on a piece of toast.”

“And that, JC, is a perfect lead into my newest idea!”

“What are you talking about, Ghost?”

“You hear about these new QR codes, JC? They’re all the rage with kids now!”

Jesus Bar Code at Headline Shirts