Okay, well, welcome back, everybody. I hope we all had a nice weekend. Chuckles, did you and the missus go on that banana tasting tour you were talking about?

Yeah, I bet you did!

Ha, good one, Mr. Marbles! But let’s get serious here, folks. A lot of new contracts got the go-ahead last week, so we really need to buckle down if we want to meet our numbers this quarter.

Professor Bubbleheimer, your team is on sitcoms this week. We’re looking at two CBS, an ABC, and a potential Fox mid-season replacement. Is it realistic to expect two of those to be ready by Friday to send to the execs?

Remember, the trend is toward single-cam docu-comedies; no canned-laughter means six extra minutes every episode we have to fill. Can your boys handle that?

I respect your confidence. Okay… Simian Garfunkel, screenplays are up next. We just got approval from Paramount on that new Bradley Cooper vehicle. What do you think about an action flick set in the near future?

That’s a good point. You can put a Paul Giamatti-type in as the techy assistant, throw an Alba-esque character as the romantic interest, it practically writes itself.

Okay, it doesn’t “write itself”, your team has a part in it too. Let’s have the first act done by the end of this week, okay?

Alright, on to advertising. Dr. Picklefeather, it looks like we’ve got the full PepsiCo account in high-gear this week. Pepsi Cola, Sierra Mist, Doritos, Gatorade—

Yeah, you guys know what you’re doing. Just keep everybody on track and it shouldn’t be a problem. Who’s left? Oh, right, the theater division. Marmalade Pete, we’re still way behind on that off-Broadway drama. What’s the status?

Listen, I can’t go to the producers with the stuff you’ve been giving me. It’s almost an exact re-write of Hamlet! These stage guys, they know what Hamlet is, and we make no money if we’re just rehashing this public domain stuff. See if you can keep your boys a little more focused this week, okay?

Fair enough. Remember, those thousand typewriters don’t pound themselves.

Okay, let’s go to it, team! Go out and rock this week, you damned dirty apes!

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