Good afternoon, madam. Welcome to Hitogoroshi Power Sports. Can I help you find something today?

Ah yes, we carry a full line of motorcycles and accessories. Is there a specific model or engine size you would like to look at?

Ahahaha. Pardon me miss, but it isn’t as simple as pointing to a single variety and saying “that’s the best one”. Hitogoroshi Power Sports carries the finest varieties of all brands of recreational motorbikes. It all depends on how you plan to use it. May I inquire as to the type of terrain you intend on traversing?

City driving, eh? That doesn’t narrow it down very much. Any and all motorcycles may be effectively utilized for metropolitan use. If you would permit me, may I inquire as to any specifics you had in mind for your motorcycling experience?

Mmm hmm.

Mmm hmm.

I see. You know, I think I have just the one for you. Join me over here, won’t you? Here we have the Kawasaki ZZR600 series, also known as the Ninja ZX-6E. Ah, already I see you are drawn to this machine. Your eyes took on that special sparkle I see with our more… assertive female clientele. Would you care for a test drive?

Aha. Well, uh… I wouldn’t know if any Yakuza frequent this establishment per se. Though I can say that this particular model is a popular choice within circles associated with thrill seeking and those with a penchant for leaving an impression. The black finish seems to be in high demand as of late.

Oh, I am sorry. We do seem to be on back order for the black ones. I’m afraid we only have this yellow floor model at the moment. Would you like to have your name placed on the waiting list?

Two to three months.

Yes, I know. It is quite an inconvenience. But I tell you what — if you’d be willing to settle for this one, I could throw in a matching helmet and jumpsuit. That would certainly grab the attention of this O-Ren you plan on engaging tonight.

Splendid! And how would you like to pay for this today?

Excellent. I’ll go draw up the papers. Oh, and one last thing. Would you like the cup or katana holder attachment with that?

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