**Please insert DISK ONE and PRESS 4 8 15 16 23 42 to start**


DAY ONE: You awake lying on the ground among palm TREES and tropical FOLIAGE. As you stand, you wince with pain from a large CUT on your back. You vaguely remember the AIRPLANE you were traveling in succumbing to violent turbulence and spiraling downward before you blacked out. It appears as if you have crash landed! As your buzzing head clears, you can make out faint screams coming from the SOUTH.

What will you do? Exits are EAST, WEST and SOUTH.


You cannot reach the CUT on your back. Your medical TRAINING tells you you’ll need a needle and thread as well as someone with sewing experience to stitch you up.


That wouldn’t be wise in your current condition. Besides, you’ve had enough heights for one day.


You pull back the leaves. Suddenly, a DOG bursts out of the bushes. Your initial alarm turns to puzzlement when you notice it has a collar and is wagging its tail. Its tag reads “Vincent”. What’s a domesticated animal doing out here?


With an imperative “woof!”, the DOG whirls around and bounds SOUTH, leaving you alone once more.


You stumble out of the jungle facing an expansive BEACH. On it, other dazed SURVIVORS wander aimlessly or call out for loved ones. Half submerged in the OCEAN, the FUSELAGE section of the AIRPLANE is still burning. You immediately notice one of its ENGINES is emitting a dangerous-sounding throbbing noise, which seems to be getting louder. The TAIL section of the AIRPLANE is nowhere to be seen.


You call out to the other SURVIVORS, warning them to get away from the ENGINES. Most look up vacantly at first but eventually move to safety. Before you can react, one unfortunate fellow wanders too closely to the turbine. He is sucked into its vortex and his liquefied carcass causes the ENGINE to explode in a fiery cataclysm. A few SURVIVORS are thrown to the ground by the blast. Some of them appear injured.


You see a young MAN crouched over an unconscious WOMAN, attempting to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Your medical TRAINING tells you the position in which he is holding her neck could cause spinal damage.


You tell the MAN that you are a doctor and point out his mistake. The MAN suggests puncturing the unconscious WOMAN’s neck with a PEN to assist her breathing. Your medical TRAINING tells you this fellow is a well-meaning idiot.


You sarcastically agree with the MAN and tell him to retrieve a PEN. The MAN immediately runs off, asking random SURVIVORS for different sized PENS. You are now alone with the unconscious WOMAN.



You were able to revive the WOMAN!

As she comes to, the WOMAN mutters her thanks and joins the other SURVIVORS in salvaging supplies from the FUSELAGE. While scanning for more injured, you notice an older MAN sitting a ways down the BEACH. He seems fascinated with his own LEGS and doesn’t take his eyes off them. Your medical TRAINING tells you he may be in shock.


After a few attempts to gain the MAN’s attention, he finally looks up with an eerie smile on his face. He introduces himself as JOHN and proceeds to pull an ORANGE and a BACKGAMMON board from a nearby pack. When you ask if he’s alright, JOHN just smiles and casually challenges you to a game. He offers the ORANGE as a prize. You wonder if he is insane.


**Please insert DISK 2 and PRESS 4 8 15 16 23 42 to continue**

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