“Spaceman Han blasts over the smoking crags of the desolate little planet, looking for any signs of life…”

“I could make sound effects.”

“Quiet, Chewie. Making sure the coast is clear, Spaceman Han fires his thrusters and begins the descent into what appears to be a large crater…”

“We should go to Kashyyyk next. It’s much nicer.”

“For the last time, Chewie! Spaceman Han goes to dangerous planets. Not nice ones.”

“Actually, Kashyyyk can be quite dangerous. Wookies live there, you know.”

“And getting mauled by one Wookie a day when I get home is enough, thank you.”

“Hey! If it weren’t for me, nobody would keep you on your toes. Besides, what else have I got to look forward to while you’re at school?”

“Don’t even mention the Academy, I hate going there. I wish I was a Wookie. Wookies don’t need to know anything.”

“That’s not true. Ripping arms out of sockets involves a lot of physics. There’s velocity, gravity, and laws of motion, not to mention all the biology you have to know. Then there’s the artistic expression of it all, and a lot more!”

“I never realized killing was so grounded in the liberal arts.”

“My dissertation on ethics was very well received.”

“You’re lucky, Chewie. When a kid grows up, he has to be something. Like a freighter pilot or a moisture farmer or something. But a Wookie grows up and stays a Wookie. Why is that?”

“No room for improvement, I guess.”

“Hmmph. I wish I’d been born on Kashyyyk.”

“Don’t take it so hard. Humans are important too.”


“Sure! They’re a significant source of protein.”

“Laugh it up, fuzzball.”

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