Now this is a movie all about how
A contingency plan turned upside down
So put your tray tables up and adjust your chair
I’ll tell you how I saved the day on a plane called Con Air

In Southern Alabama enter Cameron Poe
Decorated Ranger and an average Joe
On my first night back I went down to the bar
Showin’ off all the medals from my trip to Qatar

When a couple of hicks started hasslin’ my wife
Accidentally killed one when he pulled a knife
I served an eight year sentence and grew out my hair
So now they’re sendin’ me back home on a plane called Con Air

I begged and pleaded to take a bus or a train
But I had to pack my bunny and get onto the plane
Rubbin’ elbows with felons, this is hardly desirous
Sittin’ next to Diamond Dog and Cyrus the Virus

Jail break! Yo, this is bad
Dave Chappelle freed Diamond and the cons attacked
Now Cyrus is packin’ and the guards are dead
Hmmm… I might be over my head

We set down in Carson just to make a quick scene
We pick up Swamp Thing and this dude Garland Greene
So I’m lookin’ for syringes, tryin’ to tip off the cops
And I yell, “Yo home, the bunny goes in the box!”

We crash land in Vegas, Cyrus runs from the crater
I flip him through the air and “Yo homes, smash ya later!”
Now I’m finally free but you’d better beware
Don’t enrage the Cage, ’cause I’m the star of Con Air

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