“Vector Man! Thank God you’re here!”

“Yes, it is I, Vector Man! You called, Mr. Mayor?”

“I sure did, Vector Man. It looks like another villain has arisen to challenge your pixel-defying power!”

“Ah yes, The Acrobat has returned! I knew this day would—”

“No, Vector Man! You’ve already reduced The Acrobat and his minion, Deadly Distiller, down to a file size of less than 500K. They’re still safely locked in Jump Drive Penitentiary.”

“Yes, that’s right. Then it could only be The A-Master! He’s laid out my greatest rivals in a single document for another showdown, eh? Well just let them try…”

“Wrong again, Vector Man.”

“Oh. But surely it couldn’t be The Publisher?”

“You banished The Publisher, Sergeant Spreadsheet, and QuickTime Crook to the Recycle Zone years ago. No, V.M., you have a new nemesis—and this time, you may have met your match! She goes by the name ‘Shop Girl’.”

“Well, well. Looks like we’ve got a villain with some saved curve presets!”

“And deadly ones at that! I’ve just received word that she’s made off with the Giant White Eraser!”

“Why should I care if she has some silly over-sized eraser? I’m not Graphite Man!”

“Sweet Justify Left, Vector Man! Do you have any idea what this means? The G.W.E. has the ability to dissolve the very building blocks of reality! With power like that, Shop Girl could reduce the entire city to white and gray checkers!”

“Very well, then—I’ll team up with Captain Bridge again. Together, we shall find which Suite she’s hiding in.”

“Wait, there’s more, Vector Man! Shop Girl has been pilfering weapons for months! Last week, she stole the Rubber Stamp device from our military labs. She may have already made infinite clones of herself! And beware her Magnetic Lasso—she’ll ensnare you by the hair of a pixel based on your contrast!”

“Ha! I’d like to see her try to use those pixel-manipulating toys on the likes of me!”

“Be careful, V.M.! If Shop Girl discovers your weakness and manages to convert you…”

“Poppycock! What do I look like, a Smart Object?”


“Send word to the Fortress of Points, Mayor: Tell Freehand Lad and my loyal dog, Swatches, not to worry. I’ll be home in time to flatten the transparencies. I’m off! Vector Man awaaaaay!”

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