“Jimmy, stop it.”

“I can do what I want, I invented Wikipedia! And now I’m Grand Emperor of this armoire, and the future Mr. Zooey Deschanel!”

“Jimmy, you can’t just climb on the furniture and start shouting whenever a girl breaks up with you. And you can’t just throw yourself into a ridiculous fantasy world either!”

“Of course I can, just read my biography on Wikipedia!”

“You rewrote your biography, it’s all made-up! You didn’t even cite your sources.”

“I’ve got my sources right here.”

“Jimmy, stop pointing at those, you’re just embarrassing yourself. None of this is real!”

“I can do whatever I want! I’m Jimmy Wales, bitch!”

“James Donal Alejandro Wales, you get down from there this instant! You are founder and CEO of the third most visited website on the internet, leader of the open software revolution, and you better start acting like it!”

“…okay, sis, you’re right. It just hurts so much inside.”

“I understand, Jimmy, but you need to find a better way to deal with it.”

“…can I at least add one nonsensical fact to Wikipedia to make myself feel better?”

“I suppose, just this once. What did you have in mind?”

“How about writing that Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore were college roommates?”

“Fine. But no one will ever believe it, you know.”

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