“Hey hey! It’s Rowdy Rod in the morning, and you’re listening to D24.5. Let’s shoot on over to our Palaeosaurus in the field, Will ‘Whiplash’ Hartigan, reporting live from the Little Foot Watering Hole. What’s going on out there, Will?”

“Hey Rod. I’m here cranking out the hot jams with the D24.5 Hot Jams Booth. The ‘D’ is teaming up with the Saber Tooth Lions Club for their first annual Anti-Extinction Pancake Feed. Come on down to Little Foot’s from nine to noon and support the effort to end extinction. Tickets are only five bucks at the door or you can bring a caveman to donate to the Food Cavern.”

“Only five bucks for endless pancakes? If that isn’t a deal, I don’t know what is.”

“It really is a win-win situation down here, Rod. Plus, D24.5 is giving away door prizes like TriloPods and gift cards to Pterodapplebee’s. Who could ask for a better reason to save the Dinosauria species?”

“No argument here, Whiplash.”

“Remember folks, global temperatures are plummeting and food sources are becoming more and more scarce. Boy, what a great opportunity to join the fight against total annihilation. All proceeds from the Anti-Extinction Pancake Feed goes to Mesozoics Against Definitive Destruction.”

“Sounds like a really great cause.”

“You can say that again. And with support from MADD and our listeners, maybe someday we won’t have to band together to survive and can go back to eating each other again.”

“Those were the days. Thanks for the update, Whiplash. Remember folks, nine to noon at Little Foot’s. Bring five bucks or a caveman and together we can find a cure for extinction.”

ΒΆ Carbivore at SnorgTees