Are you tired of those lame agency vacation getaways that never live up to their promises? Sick of being crowded onto planes and cruise lines with unwashed masses of obnoxious tourists? Fed up with spending half your trip waiting in infinite line-ups? Then put an end to it all and become a part of the beautiful Post-Apocalyptic Floating Commune!

We all scoffed at the idea that the earth would be destroyed by holy fire on May 21st, 2011. Weren’t we all surprised when our crippled ozone finally flash-melted the polar icecaps! Hot enough for ya? We were warned, but did we listen? Heck, no! And boy are we glad we didn’t!

Who would’ve guessed that losing nine-tenths of the world’s population overnight would be so convenient? It’s certainly a bear market for mountain condos. And timeshare properties have never been cheaper. Now is the time to take advantage of this incredible real-estate trend. It’s an investor’s dream!

It’s only been one week since Judgement Day, but Post-Apocalyptic Floating Commune has already been voted #1 by all remaining international travel publications. So what’s our secret? It’s simple, really.

Milk jugs.

That’s right. Milk jugs.

We at Post-Apocalyptic Floating Commune foresaw the end of days and spent years stockpiling hundreds of thousands of milk jugs. Why? In order to provide our customers with an affordable alternative to post-Rapture high living. No middle men, no hidden fees, no high-seas marauders. Just durable, long-lasting floating shanties.

You see, now that we’ve been forced to live miles above the pre-Rapture sea level, it’s time to move with the changing times. We build each and every one of our custom floating homes with plenty of good old-fashioned milk jugs. Homes that are shadows of your previous life, perhaps. But homes built on a solid foundation. A foundation of milk jugs.

And now that fresh water is the new jealously guarded international currency, don’t you think the milk jug market will only go up? Think about it. You can’t afford not to invest in a Post-Apocalyptic Floating Commune luxury shanty. So stop treading water and get on board with the winning team!

Post-Apocalyptic Floating Commune: Your home away from everything!

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