“Quick, Jeffrey! Over here!”

“Troy! Thank God you’re still alive!”

“Shhh! It’s still out there! Get down!”

“Smart thinking hiding under the big bronze tortoise, Troy. Where’s the rest of the Reptile House staff? Do you think…”

“Keep your voice down, Jeffrey! It’s ears are as big as your car.”

“Right, sorry. Hey, did you see that helicopter fly over an hour ago? What do you think’s taking the police so long?”

“I don’t know. They probably can’t fly too close to the ground— it would swat them out of the sky like a gnat. Anyone else from your exhibit make it out?”

“The Primate House is leveled, man. Anyone who wasn’t crushed got torn apart by the gibbons. If I hadn’t been outside when it hit…”

“Any animals hurt?”

“No, it’s just going for the zoo keepers. What’s going on, Troy? How did this happen?”

“You mean how does a fifteen thousand pound African bush elephant just snap like that? Well, before she got eaten, Jane was telling me about the daily pachyderm exhibition over in Herbivore Valley. Everything was going fine until Ted, the host, asked the crowd how an elephant would smell without its trunk. When no one could answer, he said, ‘Trunk or no, they would still smell pretty bad.'”

“Heh. That’s kinda funny.”

“Yeah, well, it wasn’t so funny when Jombi charged the plexiglas, broke through his enclosure, unscrewed Ted’s head like a bottle cap, and decided to go on a rampage through the whole park. He’s been systematically hitting all the themed sections of the zoo. I hear he even took down the concession stand and got himself a knife.”

“An enraged elephant with a knife… the perfect killing machine. We’ve gotta find a way out of this death trap!”

“It’s too late for that now, Jeffrey. Over the years, the zoo has shuffled the elephant exhibit from one end of the grounds to the other. Jombi knows the layout of this zoo like the back of his now-bloodstained foot.”

“W-what do you mean, Troy?”

“I checked. He’s already obstructed all of the exits. We’re trapped in here.”

“Impossible! There must be a way out! How could he possibly know the location of every exit?”

“Because, Jeffrey… an elephant never forgets.”

¶ Elephants Never Forgive at SnorgTees