The following message is a paid advertisement for Life Sphere™

Greetings, valued investor. I am Wilhelm Tarkin, your guide into the wonders of modern technology. If you are viewing this holocron, you have expressed an interest in contributing to the Galactic Empire Infrastructure Division. It is my pleasure to showcase what your generosity will be financing in the years to come.

Here we see the Life Sphere™, the final word in extra-planetoidal living. Don’t let its appearance fool you. This, my friends, is no moon. Oh, no. The Life Sphere™ is able to house a quarter of a billion life forms, complete with an intricate network of utilities, public works, recreational facilities, and all their supporting industries.

Let’s take a look at what a typical day on Life Sphere™ would be like. Here we see Joe Everydenizen waking up from a climate controlled hibernative state. His living quarters automatically transform into a nourishment annex where he is injected with synthetic sustenance. A quick smoke break and he’s off to another twelve-hour shift manning one of the 750,000 gun turrets that protect Life Sphere™.

Joe Everydenizen is doubling his efforts. Won’t you? Efficient, economical, elegant. Life Sphere™ is truly the world of tomorrow. Why waste hundreds of years terraforming and cultivating a planet when you can build one from scratch? Unpredictable weather, dangerous landscapes, natural disasters, bugs… all things of the past thanks to your generous contribution.

By this time next year, we plan to excavate the four or five planets worth of ore and raw materials needed to begin construction. All we need is eight hundred and fifty two quadrillion Republic credits to fund the project. That may sound like a lot. But think of future generations and the revenue they will generate by living and working in a self-enclosed six by eight foot environment.

That’s the future. That’s Life Sphere™. And with your help, we can witness the power of this fully armed and operational dream. Please prayerfully consider donating today… before something bad happens to your planet. Thank you, and long live the Empire.

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