…And just when they were sure they’d seen the last of the crazy mustachioed man, the boyfriend noticed something on the side mirror. It was… a plunger!

Aw come on, that’s totally scary. What do you mean how’d it get there? The Phantom Jumper put it there, obviously. Oh wait, you mean how was it attached to the mirror? Uhh… it still had its display hook from the hardware store?

Okay, okay. You turtle scouts want to hear a really scary story? Alright, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. A couple years back, a girl was driving home late one night from World 5-2. It was well after midnight and the roads were all but deserted. That is, until a pair of headlights appeared behind her.

She didn’t think anything of it at first. But then she noticed just how fast they were approaching. Whoever was driving that vehicle was in quite the hurry. Soon the headlights flooded the inside of the girl’s car with light, nearly blinding her. It was right on her rear bumper now and the driver began honking frantically.

Yes, I understand it isn’t scary yet, Timmy. I’m getting to the good part now. Just listen.

So at this point, the girl was more than a little frightened. She signaled for the driver to pass her. But he only flashed his lights and honked again. She tried braking but the driver began rear-ending her car! He kept ramming his fender into her car, trying to force her off the road.

Then the car pulled up alongside the girl, preventing her from escaping. And who was the driver? To her disbelief, she saw it was the cashier from the gas station. He was glaring at her with wide, crazy eyes which pierced her very soul. And that’s when it happened. The maniac ran headlong into a warp pipe, killing him instantly. The girl, terrified but unharmed, made it home without incident and pulled into her garage.

Oh you’d like for that to be the end of the story, wouldn’t you kiddies? But as soon as she turned off the engine, she heard a rustling sound from the back seat. The crazy driver wasn’t trying to kill her, oh no. He was trying to warn her! Because staring back at her in the rear-view mirror was none other than… The Phantom Jumper!

All right, all right. Calm down, everyone. It’s just a ghost story. No need to mess your shells.

Why are you all staring at me like that? What, is there something behind me? Nice try kids, but there’s no such thing as the… AHHHHHH!

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