Good afternoon and Happy Monday! This is Sonny Rieekan, your wacky weather guy with his eye on the sky, reporting for Aldera City’s own WALD Channel 7 weather.

Looks like we’ve got a doozy of a weekend coming up, folks. I tell ya, I haven’t seen surface pressure patterns this promising in a looooong time. Be sure to stock up on SPF-50 because this is going to be the weekend of the summer.

If you’ll look behind me, the holo-board says it all. Remember that warm front that hung around so long last week? Well it’s packing up, moving south and—guess what? It’s taking all the cloud cover with it. Look at that—gone! This leaves us with nothing but clear skies, low humidity and a great excuse to get out there this weekend and enjoy an old-fashioned Alderaanian nerf roast. Boo-yah!

Tomorrow alone could climb as high as ninety five degrees, uncommonly warm for the Shining Star of the Core Worlds. But lucky for us, our gracious Imperial overlords—I mean diplomats—have decided to park their newest gas guzzling juggernaut directly in front of our sun, dropping temperatures by as much as thirty degrees in some areas.

And as this over-compensating behemoth of a space station is roughly the size of one of our moons, tidal irregularities could make for abnormally treacherous surfing and boating conditions. So if you’re planning on hitting the beach this weekend… well, just don’t. I hear the Tugrina Mountains are nice this time of year.

Just be sure to look skyward and wave a big “thank you” at good ‘ol Grand Moff Tarkin sometime this week. Nice job there, buddy. But hey, at least the guy’s bringing back our long-lost goodwill ambassador in time for this great weather. Nice of the Empire to look after her this whole time.

All right. The producer is signaling for me to lay off the tyrannical fascist comments but I’m pleased to announce this will be my final broadcast on WALD. I found out over my lunch break that yours truly, Sonny Rieekan, is the winner of the Alderaan Powerball! I have submitted my resignation and by this time tomorrow I’ll be sipping Corellian ale with Twi’lek supermodels. Nothing’s gonna stop me now!

Peace out, sayonara, and stayed tuned for your local Thranta traffic report. Back to you, Jim. I’m outta here!

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