“Okay, Vinnie! Back ‘er up! Hey, buddy. Got some hospital stuff for ya. Where you want it?”

“Oh, I didn’t realize we had another shipment coming in.”

“You don’t. This here’s a charity drop. The gal up front said Shipping and Receiving handles this stuff.”

“Wow. This whole truck is donated medical supplies?”

“Yyyeah you could say that. So where you want it, huh?”

“In back, I suppose.”

“Fantastic. Alright, boys! Put the stuff over there!”

“Well this is certainly generous. Who is this all from, by the way?”

“It’s a… uh… anon-y-min-us gift from our employer. Guy’s gotta big heart, see? Don’t want nobody knowing it was from him, understand?”

“Well that’s fine, I guess. So, what’s in all these crates?”

“Oh, this n’ that. Gauze, sterile pads… plasma.”

“Plasma? As in blood?

“You got it.”

“And when will that be arriving?”

“You’re lookin’ at it. They took the other stuff up front.”

“You’re telling me this entire truck is filled with plasma? It isn’t even refrigerated!”

“Hey, hey! It’s donated blood, okay chief? Saves lives n’ all that. You boys need blood, don’tcha?

“Well, yeah. But—”

“Then we don’t have a problem here, do we? It’s clean, it’s in jars and everything. Just sign here and it’s all yours.”

“Sign? What for?”

“Again with the questions over here. You gotta sign to… you know, prove you received the donation or whatever.”

“This is a tax-exempt gift form.”

“That’s right. You need blood, the boss needs a write off, the carpets needed cleanin’. Everybody wins.”

“But I don’t even know where this came from. We usually only take donations from the Red Cross.”

“Look, pal. Unless you want to donate a crate of your own, I suggest you sign the paper and keep your mouth shut. Capice?”

“Okay, okay! There!”

“A pleasure doin’ business with you. Oh and by the way, Vinnie was wonderin’… you know, since we donated blood today… you got any cookies?”

Always Give 100%, Unless You’re Donating Blood at SnorgTees