“Well, Miss Toadstool, I reckon my work in these parts is done.”

“Done, Marshall? The townsfolk were hoping you’d care to stay on as Sheriff for a while.”

“Edwario Bandito’s cattle rustlin’ days are over, and Deputy Louie G can manage from here on out. It’s time for me to saddle up and move on.”

“Oh, Marshall! Where will you go?”

“I reckon I’ll go where the smilin’ sun leads me. Figure I’ll ride through the Donut Plains past Vanilla Dome. Maybe take the Butter Bridge road to yonder valley. Bound to be work needs done, n’ folks need help there.”

“I beg you to reconsider, Marshall! Tales reach our town of diabolical goings-on in that wicked valley. And what’s more, it’s said the Gavel Brothers make camp there. They’ll shanghai you for certain!”

“A tortoise would have to get up powerful early to outwit me, ma’am. All the same, I thank you for the warning. But I do believe my destiny lies there.”

“Please, Marshall! This town needs you! …I need you.”

“A man such as myself cannot afford the luxury of settlin’ down, even for a woman as fine as yourself, Miss Toadstool. Least not in these dark times.”

“Will I ever see you again, Marshall?”

“Someday, I reckon, when this world is not so worse for wear. When the law is respected and fear is returned to those who do wrong. Perhaps then, madam, we shall meet again.”

“Take this then. It will help you on your way. Perhaps it will also remind you of me. The townsfolk will never forget you, nor what you’ve done for us.”

“I thank you, ma’am, and take my leave. Adios. Yah, Yoshaldo! Ride like the wind! Here we goooo!”

ΒΆ Sheriff and Deputy at SPLITREASON