One valley is lost,
yet nine find sanctuary.
Patience pays full price.

The Train Job
Wicked men pay well,
thrilling heroics ensue.
Crow says “Boo!” no more.

Men turned to monsters:
losing sides aren’t always wrong.
Face piercings are, though.

Sheep walk on two legs.
Swords cross over heated words—
Captain Tight Pants wins!

Cattle to market,
witches to burn… invest in
black market beagles.

Our Mrs. Reynolds
Saffron’s quite costly,
proving loose lips can sink ships.
Trade her for Vera.

Statues made of mud.
Milk won’t make a body good
(neither will the truth).

Out of Gas
Friends flee and life leaks.
Burning air and beastly crooks
take my breath away.

Potions priced to sell,
double deals deceived, and the
airlock is open.

War Stories
Kidnap and torture,
Shan Yu and Sapphic subplots…
I’ll be in my bunk.

Smash and grab goes south.
Love’s lasers lost leaves people
naked in the sand.

The Message
First class cadavers,
preordained projectiles and
a silly orange hat.

Heart of Gold
New friends found in the
oldest profession. Baby
shower of bullets.

Object in Space
Wishes aren’t horses.
Bounty hunters aren’t lions.
Air tanks aren’t endless.

Piece and Serenity at SPLITREASON