“Yeah, can I help you?”

“Oh, hi there. This is actually my first time. So… uhh… how do I…?”

“Price sheets are over there. Sample book’s on the counter. Take a look and let me know when you’re ready.”

“Well I just had a few questions, seeing as I’m new to this and all.”

“You see that artwork all over the wall, pal? All my stuff. I’m the best and most experienced artist you’re gonna find in this town. You got nothin’ to worry about.”

“Oh I’ve no doubt you’re good. It’s just I was thinking of a design a little more… comprehensive of my interests.”

“Listen, buddy. There ain’t nothing I can’t ink out. Nothing. What’re you in to?”

“Well I really like military-grade firearms.”


“That won’t be a problem, will it?”

“No, no. I’m down with guns. It’s just that you don’t really look the type.”

“Well don’t let that fool you. I’m also really into classic sword and shield kinda stuff too. Is that weird? Having a design with both?”

“I’ve inked my fair share of guns and knives, kid. It’s more common than you’d think. What else you want?”

“Well I definitely want something traditional to tie it all together. You know, like a skull and a heart or something.”

“Right… are you sure you want all this? There’s no going back once I start.”

“You bet I’m sure! This is what defines who I am!”

“So, uhh… how big you want it to be?”

“Cover the whole front! And damn the expense! It is my birthday, after all.”

“Okay, kid. You ready to do this?”

“I’m ready. Just one more question.”


“Will it hurt much?”

“Look buddy, I just decorate the cakes. What you do with it at home is your own business.”

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