Good morning and welcome to your first day at Cyberdyne Systems International! You’re now part of an unstoppable force in U.S. military development contracts—the Skynet Development Team! Here you’ll not only have the unique opportunity to hone your engineering and/or programming skills to a fine, lacerating point, you’ll also get to thrust the cutting edge of technology deep into the very heart of a brighter future.

Meet your new boss, Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson. As Head of the Skynet Development Team, Dr. Dyson will allocate all of your assignments and retain exclusive knowledge of all research and data you obtain over the course of your employment at Cyberdyne. In this way, Skynet’s separate components are kept secret from your coworkers and the general public.

But what is Skynet, you ask? Well, we at Cyberdyne follow the time-honored philosophy that the only true danger lies in questions. We believe in keeping things simple (and safe) for our employees. Skynet is a computer system. What it does and the item from which it was reverse-engineered are needless details that will complicate your work and, ultimately, your general well being. You will do well to remember that. Your sizable salary and benefits package should assist you in turning a blind eye to anything out of the ordinary.

By now, you have already been assigned a workspace, employee ID, and lunch period. You will check in with security via this terminal at regular intervals throughout your workday. As per California State Law, smoking is not permitted anywhere on Cyberdyne grounds. Personal effects are to be kept tasteful. All inter-office fraternization is strictly prohibited. Most importantly, any employee found guilty of compromising Cyberdyne company information, either intentionally or otherwise, is subject to immediate… termination.

Have a nice day.