Tirdas, 23rd day of Mid Year, 4E 201

It’s official! I’ve finally moved into my very own home! I’ve taken up residence in a delightful little cave on the outskirts of Morthal. Although the place is in desperate need of a good scrubbing. I only pause to write this during my tidying up to express in writing my utmost joy at finally being free of mother! This place is so unlike her spare bower. Thought I must admit, I wish I could employ her cleaning prowess one last time. I’ve never seen so m—

That’s odd. There seems to be an arrow protruding from just above my left eye. I’m not sure how it became lodged there but I’ve made a thorough sweep of the tunnels and didn’t see anyone. I can only assume it’s my overactive imagination.

As I was saying, I’ve never seen so many skeletons in one room before. I found some chap’s memoirs in a pile of robes. Apparently he was quite fond of conducting ghastly experiments on his prisoners. How positively dreadful. I’ll be dusting and mopping til the sun rises if I am to host my cocktail party tomor—

It’s happened again! Right in my shoulder! I checked the cave for a full thirty seconds this time and found no one. Mother always did call me her little klutz. At this rate, I’m bound to contract tetanus. I wasn’t aware being a homeowner would be so precarious.

Speaking of which, I can’t get over how sinister this place looks. I can only imagine what some s’wit might think if they were to wander in here. Probably think I was a damned psychopath. I certainly would. Here I am, knee deep in bones and candles surrounded by bloody knives. How does one even dispose of three dozen embalming tools? Perhaps I could make use of them when I’ve remodeled the kitch—

That’s it! First thing in the morning I’m calling a contractor to disarm any more of these blasted old arrow traps! Honestly, as if things weren’t bad enough. I simply must throw up some curtains or something. This cave is starting to give me a disquieting feeling. Almost as if someone were watching m—